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this year it is a bit more cold than 2016. on christmas evening we had -32° and wonderful NORTHERN LIGHTS.
that night seemed to be very unreal. everything frozen and shining in bright neongreen light. the snowcovered trees looked like mythical creaturs.....it was only magic!


this september we got 2 new cottages near lake haraldjärvi, with the names HIRSI and MÖKKI.
both were around 30 sqm big and in deed very beautiful. the wooden beams outside and inside reflect the cosy character of the well equipped cottages.
you can rent them for 2 people and enjoy a wunderful winter holiday there.
we did also a lot of woodwork, to get it warm in wintertime in all our cottages.


the sami are an arctic tribe and europe's only indigenous people.
their mythology is, that everything has a soul. every living and also "non-living" being has its own spirit.
the rocks and trees, all the animals and the POLAR LIGHTS, too!

this is the same I feel and as a feng-shui consultant I respect nature rules and even work with them.


now the days are getting longer and our guests like to go for ice fishing on the lake muddusjävi, directly in front of the cottages LUMI and VESI. thanks to our guide they found a special place and caught a lot of fish to prepare their own dinners in the cottages.

after every snow fall the trees and bushes get new with clothes and look like brides.

the air is dry, fresh and super clean, so please take a deep breath and feel this healthy air in all your cells.

in and around your cottages on the island you can hear the sound of calmness.

see the spectacular NOTHERN LIGHTS in the silence of JANUARY

here on the top of the world and in a partly arctic country in middle of lapland you can find your privat wilderness dream.
the short days are full of coloured sky like light blue to pink or orange and yellow.
in the nights there is the spectacular AURORA BOREALIS most directly in front of your beautiful wooden cottage in the wilderness.
our guide will take you out by snow shoes, by cross country skis or by snow mobile. you can arrange your personal stay with our guide in your own way.

december 2016 in the northern lights wonderland

welcome in the winter wonderland northern lapland.
we proudly opened up our cottages LUMI and VESI for your polarlight trip.
our first guests came from spain. in the next 2 weeks we will have here people from all over the world. they are all interested to see the aurora borealis and be a part of many other activities like:
- snowshoe walk
- visit an icehotel
- go out for a kingcrab safari
- dog sled ride
- reindeer sled ride
- cross country skiing
and so much more. come and join the adventure.

september in north lapland

SEPTEMBER 2016 in northern lapland is very colourful. the indian summer is named here RUSKA.
then the trees get beautiful colours and the bushes on the floor as well. they get red, the trees yellow up to orange and of course green.
now we get a real darkness and so a lot of northern lights.
some nights we have green, violett, orange and red lights all over the sky for many hours. how beautiful and what holy moments.
our cottages VESI, LUMI  and the privat once are going to get ready at the end of september.
so we can start in december with the northern lights trips.

the first northern lights at the end of august

now, at the 30th of august the sun sets for about 7 houres and it is dark in the middle of that night...so we could see northern lights from our livingroom window...wow, this was great.
to prepare your northern light trip, we worked the whole august very focused.
the house VESI got a complete new insulation all over, the roof, the bottom and all 4 walls got a new dress!

AURORA, the northern lights outline

since a few days, the sun sets for some hours here in northern finland, but it is not dark and so we can not see any polarlights. even it would be possible, because we are in the poleposition between the 69° and the 70° latitude.
at the moment the AURORA kp-index is about 1,7 - 2. this index gives you the information about the srength of the geomagnetics field variability.
the northern light has different colours, as we talked about on our AURORA travel page, it also has different forms:
- curtain, wich is moved by the wind
- corona, like a giant firework

cottages powered by AURORA borealis the northern lights

we found a building company that helps us to get new windows, a waterpipe, a wastewater system, a new bathroom with sauna and insulation allover VESI.
the biggest challenge was to get all the materials in eco standart, but at the end we got what we were looking for.


by Jonas Georgi