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this september we got 2 new cottages near lake haraldjärvi, with the names HIRSI and MÖKKI.
both were around 30 sqm big and in deed very beautiful. the wooden beams outside and inside reflect the cosy character of the well equipped cottages.
you can rent them for 2 people and enjoy a wunderful winter holiday there.
we did also a lot of woodwork, to get it warm in wintertime in all our cottages.
in the night we could see a lot of magical NORTHERN LIGHTS in all the bright colours, they can produce.
during the day we fed the birds and we left a lot of food, hanging in the trees around the cottages. so they get used to our habit to take care of them and they will be our guests for the winter season.
we also got a new storage for wood and all our tools.
it was again a lot of work, but it was worth it.
when we had time, we made excursions into the wilderness. once, we followed a country road , then a path and we found a lot of tracks on it, even a bears track. so they also live here around in forests, but you can see them really very seldom.
on the island, where our other 2 cottages are, named VESI and LUMI, we prepared everything for wintertime. this means, we have to rebuild the stage for the boats, to take out the waterpump, clean the houses and the land.
for all this we need about 1 week, than the cottages are ready for new guests in AUROA BOREALIS land.

by Jonas Georgi