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this year it is a bit more cold than 2016. on christmas evening we had -32° and wonderful NORTHERN LIGHTS.
that night seemed to be very unreal. everything frozen and shining in bright neongreen light. the snowcovered trees looked like mythical creaturs.....it was only magic!
we were very happy to see a lot of birds next to our cottages LUMI and VESI on the island and here in fairy-tale land next to HIRSI and MÖKKI. they start to feed themselfs at about 9 am, when the daylight comes along. then they have about 4 hours to get enough.
it is astonishing for me, that 450 sorts of birds live here in that region.
on new year's eve we had full moon, falling stars and POLARLIGHTS dancing in the sky....believe me, I didn't know where to look first.
I would like to invite you to explore this area in deep wintertime, it is worth it.
merry christmas and a happy new year!

by Jonas Georgi