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the white blue: Reisefoto
the white blue: Reisefoto
the white blue: Reisefoto
the white blue: Reisefoto
Category nature = easy
Sightseeing on easy most flat tracks
Equipment: Walking Shoes and –Sticks
Category fun = middle
1-3 hours walks and hikes on signed tracks
Equipment: Tracking Shoes and Sticks
Category action = heavy
Daytours with accordingly equipment (for example: climbing or ski-touring)
Duration: 4 - 8 hours

Fishing and hiking under the midnight sun in finnish Lapland
The White Blue Wilderness Lodge

Fishing and hiking trip under the midnight sun in Finland 


Traveloptions and prices of the fishing trip and/or hiking trip

6 nights trip: Saturday to Friday, 990€ per person


The location of the cottages for your fishing and/or hiking trip

The cozy cottages VESI and LUMI are part of The White Blue Wilderness Lodge in Finland under the sky of the midnight sun. They are built on an island in lake Muddusjärvi, one of the biggest lakes in Lapland, Finland, on the 69.1st parallel north of Inari.

While your fishing and/or hiking trip you will be guided.


The cottages LUMI and VESI during your fishing and/or hiking trip

You will be picked up at the Ivalo airport and from now on your adventure fishing and/or hiking trip will start. On our way to the cottages, we will give you the opportunity for food shopping in the supermarket. 

In both cottages of the fishing and/or hiking trip you can find a kitchen, living- and dining space, bedroom, bathroom, sauna, fireplace and WiFi. In the kitchen you will find everything to prepare your own food. 

Cottage VESI of the fishing and/or hiking trip has space for 2 - 4 people.
Cottage LUMI has space for 2 - 6 people.
The room division you will see on the groundplan.


This trip is designed for nature lovers, who seek unique experiences during their holidays. One of the world’s greatest spectacles of nature is without a doubt the midnight sun north of the Arctic Circle. 


The expiration of your fishing and/or hiking trip

Your airport of arrival is IVALO in Finland. 

Fishing trip

We do extensive trips to fishing-rich lakes around Inari every day. Fishing in the midst of untouched nature, under the glow of the midnight sun, is a great experience for every fisherman.

Hiking trip

The hikes lead us through mystical forests, over fjells with breathtaking views, as well as through moors and taiga (boreal coniferous forest).


Fish wich can be caught

In Muddusjärvi and Pitkävuono you can fish lavaret, trout, lake charcoal, grayling, river perch, pike, burbot, minnow and prickle.

In Inarijärvi you will find sea trout, salmon, Inari char, American sea trout, grayling, perch and pike.


Program during your fishing trip 


Arrival at around 6pm, trip to supermarket.


Fishing in the different lakes arround Inari, followed by a barbecue of the fish in the tipi.

Among other things we fish in the following lakes:

  • Muddusjärvi
  • Inarijärvi
  • Pitkävuono
Depature: Departure at around 11am


Program during your hiking trip 


Arrival at around 6pm, trip to supermarket.



In the midnight sun we climb to the housemountain of Inari, Otsamo with 418hm.

The hike goes over roots and stones, as well as through bog and swamp lands. Nevertheless the path is well secured. After an hour climb through the northern mixed forest we reach the Fjell.

From here you can enjoy breathtaking views over the whole province of Inari, with its beautiful blue lakes and deep green forests. On the summit of Otsamo there is a small shelter, where we can light a small fire and eat some snaks.

The return trip takes place on the same track.

Time: approx. 4h

The following animals can be observed with luck (in the evening the sight is higher than in the day)

  • reindeer
  • moose
  • many different bird species
  • with even more luck: wolves


Juutua Trail

The Juutua Joki is the source of life in Inari. We make a charming hike above the river bank over a suspension bridge to a camp fire place. There, our guide will introduce you into the culture of the Sami from today until back in the early history.

The path was illustrated by the artist Merja Aletta Ranttila with beautiful watercolored pictures, which tell the nature and history of the river.

This is a roundtrail with about 6 km.

Time: approx. 3h


Boat trip

Boat trip around the MUDDUSJÄRVI with fishing and campfire at the end of the day in the tipi. The Muddusjärvi is one of the largest lakes in finnish Lapland in drinking water quality. In addition, it is very fishy, which makes the angling worthwhile.

Duration: approx. 6h


Excursion in the Midnight Sun to the Birdwatching Tower

This evening is devoted to animal watching. We go by car and walk through secluded landscapes to see reindeer and many different bird species. If we are very lucky, we meet a moose and with more luck a wolf. In the end we climb the Birdwatching Tower, from where we can look over the treetops into the wide country.

Time: approx. 3h


A cultural stopover

Today our route leads us to the Inarijärvi viewing point, from where you have a spectacular view over the Inarijärvi. In addition, the oldest snowmobiles and even older post boats can be visited there. Then we follow bear tracks. We climb up to the cave of the bear and continue to the lookout plateau. On this path we learn a lot about native plants and berries. To the end of the day we visit the Siida Museum to meet the culture of the Sami.

Time: approx. 6h

Depature: Departure at around 11am


You can combine both trips together or book individually!

You also have the possibility to rent the whole lodge in the summer months from saturday to friday for 4.800€ (for max. 10 people) without guide.

General information for the fishing and/or hiking trip

 The prices for the fishing trip listed above include the following services:

  • Airport shuttle from and to Ivalo, Finland
  • Snacks and drinks during the fishing and/or hiking trips (during the day)
  • Shuttle to the fishing places
  • Shuttle to the hiking places
  • Guided hikes through our guide
  • Help with fishing by our guide
  • Grilling the tailed fish in tipi

The prices listed above do not include:

  • Food and drink
  • Entrance fees (i.e. Siida Museum, Inarijärvi viewing point...)
  • Flight
  • All costs not listed under the heading " The prices for the fishing trip listed above include the following services:"
Fishing and hiking under the midnight sun in finnish Lapland


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