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The White Blue

Action with the international fun company! We offer sports and adventure in all its different facets, ranging from the wild to the meditative. We live and love Sports and we invite you to come with us on guided adventure trips around the world! We have divided our trips into four categories according to degree of difficulty:

Category nature = easy
Sightseeing on easy most flat tracks
Equipment: Walking Shoes and –Sticks
Category fun = middle
1-3 hours walks and hikes on signed tracks
Equipment: Tracking Shoes and Sticks
Category action = heavy
Daytours with accordingly equipment (for example: climbing or ski-touring)
Duration: 4 - 8 hours
Category expedition = very heavy
Week-trips with accordingly equipment (your needs will be announced in the expedition meeting) to the most beautiful places of the world (for example Greenland)

The White

  • Winter Action in Snow and Ice
  • Adventures in finnish Lapland and Northern Europe
  • Skiing, backcountry touring, snowmobiling and ski touring
  • Travel to the northern lights (Aurora Borealis / Polar Lights).

The Blue

  • Summer Action on land and water
  • Adventures in Canada, Iceland, Europe and the rest of the world
  • Whale watching, sailing trips, canoeing on rivers and lakes, diving,
  • Hiking, wildlife viewing, photography
by Jonas Georgi