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2017, January: Sabine & Thorsten


Experience Report – 5 Days in Finish Lapland with The White Blue

The 7th of January 2017 we took the plane from Munich over Helsinki to Ivalo. Jonas picked us up at the airport. We went to supermarket and bought food for the week. We drove to the island with a skidoo. The little house was marvelous and comfortable. Big windows at both sides, a fire place, a perfectly equipped kitchen, huge bathroom with a sauna. The same evening we watched our first northern lights. Not very strong, but a good start.

The next day we went hiking with snowshoes to the tipi, where Jonas made a campfire and we had tea and cookies. There was a snow storm, when we went back. We saw a lot of animal tracks, but no animals. In the evening we stayed in the house because of the snow storm and went to the sauna.

For the third day we had booked a reindeer safari. Jonas organized everything for us. In the evening we drove to the north to hunt for Aurora Borealis. The sky was very clear and it was quite cold. We saw great polar lights in green and blue.

The fourth day we went to Norway, to Kirkenes with Jonas` parents. Driving there was already very interesting, the changing of the landscape – mountains and fjords. We visited an ice hotel, very impressive and frosty, every room with its own ice motives. In the evening we went to the harbor, had dinner and watched northern lights in the sky over the sea. Then we went back to Finland. A long and wonderful day.

The next day it was already time to fly back to Munich. We enjoyed our trip a lot und we saw a lot of new interesting things. Jonas and his family took perfectly care of us. A wonderful trip.