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The White Blue Wilderness Lodge

The Lodge is located on the 69 ° latitude north of Inari and has 2 locations:

1. Muddusjärvi

On an island in Lake Muddusjärvi.

From the parking lot it is about 1km across the lake to the island. In summer by boat in about 5 minutes and in winter in a few minutes by snowmobile.

The parking lot is about 150m from Europastraße 4 (E75).

The lodge consists of two log houses, LUMI and VESI.

The garden sauna invites you to linger. After a sauna session, refresh yourself in the lake.

In summer you can book our "private island in Finnish Lapland" and take wonderful boat tours.

In the meantime you can of course fish and then grill your fresh catch.

Enjoy the absolute calm, the permanent bathing in the forest and the resulting relaxation.

If you like hiking, take the boat across the lake to your car in the parking lot.

From there you are at the starting points for mountain or forest hikes in a few minutes.

In winter you can book the LUMI and VESI Cottage as part of our "Northern Lights / Aurora Borealis Trip" trip.

The frozen lake offers the perfect platform for Northern Lights observations without any light pollution.

Our private cross-country trail into the wild will inspire you, it is the absolute highlight for many of our guests.

You are welcome to take a trip to our tipi in the mountains with the snowshoes on our snowmobile tracks.

On these excursions you can meet reindeer, arctic foxes, arctic chickens, elk and different bird species and often also marvel at their sleeping area.

We wish you a relaxed, relaxing stay!

The Architects Cottage. Built by a very well known Finnish architect using wood from our own forest.
The old Trapper Cottage. Lovingly restored and modernized.

2. Haraldjärvi

At lake Haraldjärvi in Kaamanen.

The two cottages Hirsi and Mökki are 1.2 km from the E75 and are located in a pine forest directly on Lake Harald.

24 hours forest bathing is guaranteed here. The two cottages Hirsi and Mökki were built from boreal pine and emit the calming messenger substances permanently.

In summer you are welcome to use our rowing boat and try your luck at fishing. If successful, our grill hut is available to prepare the catch.

In each cottage you will find a small, fine sauna and then you can jump over the jetty into Haraldjärvi!

In winter, the frozen lake offers a wonderful platform for aurora borealis observations without any light pollution.

It is only a few meters to the Kaamasjoki river. In the frozen state it offers unlimited hiking opportunities. You can simply walk on the snowmobile tracks with winter shoes, or go off with snowshoes or cross-country skis.

This snow-covered hiking trail opens up one of the most beautiful river landscapes with the purest air in the world.

On this wintry path you often don't meet anyone or a herd of reindeer, elks, a dog sled team or snowmobilers, often with trailers and equipment for multi-day river adventures.

If you follow the river to the south, after a few kilometers you will find a huge reindeer sleep, they snuggle close together between bushes and shrubs in hollows.

After about one kilometer to the north you pass rapids, here the ice has piled up in blocks one above the other and it shimmers ice blue through all cracks.

There is also a workshop with wood storage and the owner's house on this property.

The small, really big cottage. It can accommodate an entire family.
The little cozy cottage.