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The White Blue Oy

Guided adventure sports

Jonas Georgi | Buchenweg 3 | D-87459 Pfronten | Fon +49 8363 92898-58 | Fax +49 8363 9283910


Jonas Georgi
Adventure Guide
Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops - BC - Canada (2 year degree with diploma)
CSIA Lvl. 2, AST 1 & 2
Wilderness First Responder
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    The CEO from The White Blue, Jonas Georgi grew up in the Alpes.
    He likes to do sport in winter or summer and loves adventure trips around the world, especially in northern countries.
    In 2015 after being a computer specialist, he founded his "international fun company". Therefor he studied CSIA Ski Instructor and Adventure Management in Kamloops, BC, Canada at the Thompson Rivers University.
    So he is well prepaired for the Outback, he has a good feeling for groupdynamik, is a good teamplayer and has good leadingqualities.
    He is being very helpful.
Rosa Georgi
Booking, coordination, meditation,
aromatic qigong,
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    Rosa Georgi, the mother of Jonas, is social worker and loves to travel around the world.
    She is optimistic, organiser and leader from seminars and is a good teamplayer.
    Her big passion is geomancy, so you have the possibility to join finding energy fields and being a part of a stonesetting.